Project Case Studies

Titanic Belfast

Location: Belfast
Architect: CivicArts / Eric R. Kuhne & Associates / TODD Architects
Main Contractor: Harcourt
Installed By: Metallbau Frueh
Material Used: 3mm Aluminium

Working for the German façade contractor Metallbau Frueh with Belfast practice Todd Architects for Harcourt Construction Northern Ireland Limited on a £1.5m commission, Spanwall’s role was to manufacture 6200 sq m of their RF50 rainscreen system. Each elevation includes approximately 60 different geometrically complex aluminium J57S anodised panels arranged over the facades, making the building very distinctive.

Angus Waddington of Todd Architects commented, “Against international competition, Spanwall was awarded the contract by Metallbau Frueh to manufacture these unique panels and it is fitting that a local company has won this contract, since Titanic Belfast celebrates Northern Ireland’s industrial heritage. Given Spanwall’s experience in working on many other complex projects like the award winning Kensington Cricket Stadium in Bridgetown Barbados which was completed for the cricket world cup finals, they were a natural choice”.

Harcourt Constructions’ Noel Molloy said of Spanwall, “We are happy to see a local contractor of international reputation win such a critical element of the project.”

Anton Frueh of Metallbau Frueh stated, “The relationship with Spanwall has been very useful to us. They have a very in-depth knowledge of the façade cladding on this project and their expertise in the engineering and manufacturing of the detailing has been pivotal”.

Spanwall’s Design Director Alan Grimason, who has been very involved in the design and panel layout said “Spanwall are proud to be involved in this contract as it is perhaps one of the most prestigious structures that will have been built in Northern Ireland in the last hundred years. We look forward to working with Metallbau Frueh, Harcourt and Todd Architects on this landmark project which again demonstrates the technical innovation and manufacturing excellence that still prevails in Northern Ireland”.

Titanic Belfast was completed in early 2012, just in time for the centenary of the Titanic’s maiden voyage.

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