Designed and manufactured to the highest specification, the RF50 Concealed Fix Rainscreen is the perfect solution for architects looking for a panel that looks great and performs exceptionally well. It not only meets all the necessary statutory structural, thermal, acoustic and weathering criteria, but thanks to its clever construction, it can be installed on both new build projects and as an over-cladding to existing structures.

A concealed aluminium cassette panel is hung on an extruded aluminium carrier rail, which is then fixed to the structural support wall by means of adjustable wall brackets. This permits three-dimensional adjustment, simplifying the process of dealing with irregular surfaces or introducing feature detailing. Deeper wall brackets also make it easier to meet or exceed U values with extra room for insulation.

Every cassette panel is precision made for each project and can be combined with all other necessary architectural fa├žade detail products like Window Pods, Column Casings, Sofits, Aerofoil Edgings, Flashings and Closers.