Materials We Use

Our team of product advisors can provide guidance on the right material for your project. Taking into account the location and exposure to harsh environmental conditions, we can help you create a façade that will give your project the exact look and the performance that you require. Rainscreen is available in all materials except for COR-Ten, Pvdf2 and plastisol coated steel.

The key advantage to aluminium is not just its inherent stability and strength, it’s the fact that it is 99% recyclable, making it perfect for use in environmentally focused projects.

We offer a large range of finishes on this highly flexible, durable material. Our anodised aluminium is sourced directly from the mill, so we can ensure colour uniformity throughout. Anodised aluminium and plastisol coated steel or aluminium is also highly suitable for withstanding the various challenges of marine environments.  PVDF2 is great for maximum colour retention in locations with high UV exposure, while Polyester Powder Coating offers virtually limitless colour and finish variety. Plus, because we only work with the latest in paint finishes, we can provide a level of quality that is fully traceable.

ACM (Aluminium Composite Material)

This composite sheet material combines durability and strength with a lightweight structure that makes it ideal for use in almost any structure. It’s exceptional flatness means it can be affected with a wide range of finishes such as Pdvf painted aluminium, natural brushed aluminium, stainless steel, titanium and natural zinc.


This traditional architectural finish remains a popular choice for modern buildings. Combining stability and strength with a distinctive character, it can add elegance to almost any project and its recyclability adds to a building’s environmental credentials. The striking patinated green can be achieved before installation, or it can be left to develop as time goes on.


As another traditional building material, zinc also gives a distinctive finish to the aesthetic appearance of a piece of architecture. It’s self-forming patina provides it with a natural protection that maintains its looks throughout a lifespan of between 50 and 100 years.

Stainless Steel

Well known for its reliability as a strong and durable material, this is a material that is more than capable of retaining a high quality, flawless finish for decades. We also offer pre-coated and polyester powder coated stainless steel as well as PVDF2 with a stainless steel substrate.


This weathering steel provides all the strength and durability of alloyed steel, but has been treated to develop a rust-like appearance. This protective layer can be developed over a period of time, or can be pre-treated before installation for a more immediate look.